London Treasure Hunts – Spot the City #9

So did you recognise the heart of London from our sneaky pics? We were in Westminster of course!

Treasure Hunts in Westminster, London

Dating back as far as 1066, the area has strong links with the monarchy and the government, ensuring lots to see and do on a top London treasure huntComplete challenges near Buckingham Palace, solve puzzles at Westminster Abbey or meet our characters by glorious Big Ben! You literally can’t get more central than Westminster so it’s a great location if your team aren’t usually based in London to really show them the sights!

Treasure Hunts in Westminster, London

We know it can be a little daunting being given the role of organising your team building day, so why not have a friendly chat with our lovely sales team on 0845 006 06 06 and let them take care of everything you need. If you’re looking for some ideas we would recommend our classic treasure hunt the Team Adventure or a Sherlock Adventure. Alternatively you can have a look at our website for lots more amazing London treasure hunts!

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