Treasure Hunts in Mayfair – Spot the City #18

So did any of you think you worked out the area of London we were in from the picture clues below? We were in marvellous Mayfair of course! Originating from the 15 day May Fair that ran in this very spot until the 1700’s, Mayfair provides an elegant and fashionable village setting for a treasure hunt to remember.

Team Building Treasure Hunts in Mayfair

Located in the heart of Westminster, the exclusive area is perfect for a fantastic treasure hunt event for any team, whether you are looking to complete challenges near world famous establishments such as Sotherby’s, meet mysterious characters at Savile Row or race through some of the most beautiful gardens London has to offer. We also think you’ll agree that there really is no better location to collect your £200 for ‘passing go’ in our hilarious Monopoly Hunt!

Berkeley Square, Mayfair Treasure Hunts

Whatever your aims and objectives are, with over 25 fantastic treasure hunt events and plenty more ideas up our sleeves, we are certain that we can create the perfect, tailor-made team building experience for you. So why not give our friendly sales team a call on 0845 006 06 06 or have a look at our website for some inspiration!

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